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If you are willing to success with E-Commerce, creating an online shop isn’t enough. To be able to compete, you need to know all about e-commerce business, online marketing, and multi-channel management. E-commerce requires an integrated approach of supply chain, combining customer service, marketing, shop design, IT, logistics, and financial service. We provide all of the each blocks you need for your successful e-commerce business model. Azul Technology develops an ideal e-commerce site for international companies to help to make your business success.




Supply chain

IT solution


Web marketing


E-mail marketing

SNS marketing


E-Commerce site

Online shop design and development

Multi channel management

IT system support

Our Process

1. Brain storming session

When we kick off your project, our first task is to immerse ourselves in your business. Anything and everything relevant to making your project a smashing success needs to be on the table. Prepare to answer some hard questions!

2. First meeting

Then, we’ll meet and talk about your goals with this project: If you could paint a perfect picture of tomorrow, what would that look like? What defines success?

2. Create an action plan

After we have a clear understanding of your goals, we’ll create a plan of action to get us there. Working within whatever budget or time constraints you have, I’ll make sure you get the maximum return for each dollar you invest in this project.

3. Reporting

Finally, I’ll get to work moving us toward the goalpost. Each week, you’ll get to see the latest updates to your project, and we’ll meet often to find out if there’s a quicker and/or better path to get us to your goal.